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Late Stay Clubs

Late Stay Clubs are an extended after school club that tag onto the end of the day, they normally run until 5.30/6.00pm (this depends on each individual school’s requirements.

Our Late Stay Clubs form part of our full ‘wrap around’ package that schools purchase from us. Our full wrap-around package organises Breakfast, After School and Late Stay Clubs to ensure there are sufficient extra-curricular activities and childcare in place in each school.

To find out more about our ‘wrap-around’ packages, please click here.

The main purpose of late stay clubs is for convenience for parents and guardians. Late stay clubs are great for working parents/guardians who need the flexibility to pick their children up a little bit later. During the club, children are given a snack or small meal and a drink (this depends on the menu that the school has chosen to suit parents best – please click here to see an example menu). After eating, children are then offered to choose from two or three activities (depending on the group size), which can range from multi-sports, to arts and crafts, to cooking or film time. To book after school clubs or late stay clubs for your school, click here.


ClubsComplete accepts bookings for Late Stay Clubs via our website. We load up each term’s dates in advance so parents and guardians can organise their childcare for the term. We aim to be as flexible as we can with emergency/adhoc bookings so that parents and guardians can use these clubs on an adhoc basis if they need to (for example; if they know they are going to finish work slightly later that day), therefore, should parents need to use the service last minute, we ask that they inform us before 10am on the day that they wish to use the service, and, providing that we have a space for their child, we will be happy to accommodate their request. If parents/guardians inform us that they need to use the service after 10am on the same day we unfortunately cannot accommodate this due to administrative and staffing purposes. Our ratios for Late Stay Clubs depend on ages of children attending but normally work on a 1:15 ratio or lower. To discuss how we can organise your wrap-around care in school, please call us on 01530 412750.

‘’ClubsComplete have provided a wide variety of clubs for our pupils which are well attended and appreciated by both the pupils and their parents. The clubs give our children opportunities to develop a skill that is either new to them or that they already enjoy. The late stay club also provides a child care avenue for working parents in a familiar setting. The ClubsComplete staff member at our school is a valued member of the team and an integral part of our school, not only fitting in well with our ethos but having an excellent relationship with pupils, parents and staff.’’ Karen Hambleton, Moira Primary School